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Mini Malachite 24k gold vermeil sterling silver necklace

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Each malachite are so unique and beautiful and the characteristic of the stones are detailed the way a malachite should be.

We have 2 chain lengths 15.5 inches and the second 17.5 inches please select from the box above.

The malachite is 0.8 mm in size 24k gold vermeil on sterling silver the whole pendent is 14mm in size.

Malachite is a warrior goddess stone and associated with heart chakra, this crystal isn’t just about healing but brings out the inner warrior from within you. It has the ability to boost your confidence and power and bring out the hidden roar within you. This crystal is all about completing what you have started from the beginning to the end. This stone will only bring the best out of you. This is a powerful crystals and not to be messed around with , if you are dealing with some issues wear the necklace and allow the issues to surface to be acknowledged and then resolved. This is a solving problem mineral, it has been used by all spiritual masters to over come problems.